Jessica L. Ward
I study the ecological factors and evolutionary processes that (1) shape animal communication systems and (2) influence the formation and collapse of species boundaries. I combine behavioral, genetic and morphological data to pursue several major research themes including (i) the evolution of complex communication systems (ii) reproductive isolation and genetic introgression between groups, and (iii) anthropogenic phenotypic evolution and the associated consequences for biodiversity. To date, most of my research has focused primarily on conspicuous visual signaling and sexual behavior of stream fishes. However, I am equally interested in research on other sensory modalities and animals, such as acoustic communication in frogs.
Contact Information:
Department of Ecology, Evolution & Behavior
University of Minnesota
100 Ecology Building
1987 Upper Buford Circle
Saint Paul, MN, 55108
Phone: 504-941-0899
Email: jlward@umnDOTedu